With CSJ you can:
Enjoy greater returns via a thorough bidding process
Monetize your app without compromising user experience
Assess traffic quality with intelligent diagnostic tools
Protect your brand safety with blocklist function
Tap into new ad placements to realize your app's monetization potential
Monetize efficiently by fine-tuning for users with differing payment habits
Understand how to make use of high-value ad formats
Gain insights and guidance on similar apps' monetization
Social Networking
Music and Video
Industry pain points
  • With a single monetization scenario, it's difficult to maximize the value of your traffic.
  • Problems refining your target audience selection
  • Different games face different challenges—short life cycles, low player retention, difficulty in accurately assessing a multifaceted user experience, etc.

Effective monetization assistance for game apps

One-stop growth loop solutions to increase LTV
Customized growth loop products specifically trailored to different game types to increase LTV and maximize ROI.
Innovative ad formats to increase revenues
Take advantage of rewarded video ads+interactive ads with innovative splash ads to enhance user experience and realize traffic value.
Hybrid monetization from IAA+IAP
Match ads based on target audience segmentations, and maximize monetization value with no adverse impact on user experience for everything from hyper-casual to mid-core gaming,.
Streamlined strategies covering the whole lifecycle
A team of gaming experts on hand to provide detailed guidance on IAA and IAP games' operation, growth and monetization.
Industry pain points
  • Users come and go, only staying for a short amount of time
  • The product has a short session duration and limited ad scenarios
  • A single monetization solution which impacts user retention

Effective monetization assistance for productivity apps

Tailored monetization solutions
Customized ad-based monetization strategies for a variety of products, including productivity and utility apps.
a wealth of ad placements
Seven primary ad formats, with dozens of ad placement designs suitable for productivity apps
Rewarded video ads for user stickiness increase
Implement rewarded video ads where advanced features are provided to improve ad experience.
Guidance on ad optimization
A team of monetization experts advise on ad layout and exposure frequency to help drive up revenue further
Industry pain points
  • Difficulty in achieving the balance between different users' experience and ad revenue
  • Balance between ad monetization and value-added services
  • An urgent need to unlock the potential for greater ad monetization

Effective monetization assistance for social networking apps

Industry pain points
  • Too few ad monetization scenarios
  • Ad experience is non-native and non-immersive
  • Limited session duration for aggregate video app users

Effective monetization assistance for music and video apps

A seamless immersive ad format
Providing immersive in-feed videos, for a fully native, immersive experience and better returns.
Combing multiple formats
Satisfy the need for diverse ad scenarios across a range of display formats—including recommended content feeds, video clips, user rewards, and more.
Guidance on ad placements best practices
Monetization expert team provides practical optimization guidanc tailored to the different apps, helping increase revenue effectively.
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