Smart hybrid realization: refined user stratification, improve your overall revenue

Smart Hybrid Realizations is a user layering tool that works with developers to build a data model that helps developers layer users based on their propensity to pay and match different business strategies to different layers of users.

Users to pay

Abundant commercial resources, 32,000+ global quality applications and powerful anti-cheating technology, build mutually beneficial mobile development ecology

Data modeling

Take advantage of leading data technology to help mobile developers maximize revenue and accelerate application growth

The user layer

Technology drives innovation, providing developers with more intelligent, convenient and reliable tools and insights to help them release more creativity and promote product innovation

Operating strategy

Strong and easy-to-use one-stop management background and self-help learning center, more professional customer service team to support growth

Real-life Success Stories

A head paid novel APP

Playrix's flagship business simulation game, Dreamtown, is using pangolins to spur video advertising and generate substantial revenue growth through a hybrid monetization model

The product is now open to public beta, welcome to sign up for trial

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