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Embrace the new trend of mixed monetization, realize a new level of ad revenue through Rewarded Video Ads, and balance user experience and conversion with precise advertising and refined operation

Have you encountered the following challenges?

Pain point 1

The In-app Purchase Model Has Its Bottleneck

The in-app purchase model has reached its limit, and the value of free users is waiting to be explored

Pain point 2

Increased Growth Pressure

Finding better user traffic has become paramount due to increased growth pressure

Pain point 3

Difficult To Balance Monetization Against User Experience

User experience is a priority but integrating it with monetization remains difficult

Our Solutions To Tackle Challenges

Monetization: Balancing revenue and user experience with Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded Video Ads help balance CPM and user experience as they improve user engagement when users watch them to get in-app rewards

Tap Into The Potential Of Free Users

Increase Purchase Rate

Solution: Integrate ads with paid content. Attract users and increase the purchase rate by allowing them to try out paid content while watching the ads

Increase Purchase Rate

Increase The Commercial Value Of Free Users

Solution: By watching video ads, free users can get ad coupons and exchange them for items in the shop, thus fully tapping the value of free users

Increase The Commercial Value Of Free Users

Improve User Experience

Solution: Inform users clearly that they can win rewards by watching a certain number of ads per day. By enhancing the users' sense of purpose, it reduces the interruptions of ads to them and improves the experience

Improve User Experience

Improve User Activity

Solution: Reward users with a free pass after they watch an ad, but set a daily limit and a cool-down interval between ads, to attract users to log into the game every day

Improve User Activity

Real-life Success Stories

Immortal World
Immortal World

Immortal World

Developed by Nebula Studio and distributed by Thunder Game Agency, an ink-painted immortal cultivation handheld game has successfully broken the bottleneck of revenue increase through the advertising strategy of piercing incentive video + personalized template, while protecting the experience of free inclined players.





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