CSJ's Best Game Developer Campaign

CSJ's Best Game Developer Campaign is an incentive campaign for all game developers.

The campaign aims to identify and create high-quality games and provides support to game developers throughout the entire game lifecycle, facilitating closed-loop game growth. It offers each game a chance to become the rage and helps each well-developed game to be noticed.

Facilitate the Next Hot Game

Up to 80% of additional reward

Up to 80% of additional reward per month for game developers

Distribute user acquisition funds at 1:1 ratio

CSJ will distribute user acquisition funds to high-quality games at 1:1 ratio, helping developers to achieve a closed-loop growth.

One-stop services by professional teams

Our professional service teams will provide support throughout the entire game lifecycle to all the game developers who have successfully participated in this campaign.

More opportunities for brand exposure

Provide more opportunities to display your brand and promote your games, increasing the exposure of your games

Private in-person salon for the game industry

High-quality game developers will be invited to the private and in-person 2021 CSJ Game Industry Salon.

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