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Configurement/Blocking Management/How can I block unwanted ads?
How can I block unwanted ads?
Last updated 2022-04-06 12:06:11

How can I block unwanted ads?

CSJ provides an ad blocking feature to help publishers stop showing unwanted ads in their apps.

To access ad blocking:

1. Go to[ Blacklist] after logging in your account, click [add Blacklist].

2. Fill in the Keyword (The blacklist will apply only to CN traffic)

3. Enter bundle ID and click [add]

4. Select Category that you want to block.

5. Custom List name.

6.After completing the above operations, you need to return to the application editing page and select the List name in the Blacklist. Congratulations, Blacklist setting is completed!

a.You can modify or delete Blacklists that you have created at any time.

b.When the application sets Blacklist, all Ad Placements also apply the rule. However, Ad Placements can still set other rules, and we will take effect by combining them.

c.Blacklist settings will affect the Fill rate and revenue of advertisements.

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