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Installation/iOS/SDK integration
SDK integration
Last updated 2022-07-25 15:33:16

SDK integration

SDK integration import

Method one

After SDK1982, it supports pod access. You only need to configure the pod environment and add the following code to the podfile to successfully access. Domestic developers can access in the following ways


Note: For more information about pod access, please refer to github

Method Two

After obtaining the framework file (Platform access module ->SDK download and access documentation), drag the dependent framework file into the project again.

The dependent framework is described as follows:

  • BUAdSDK.framework abstract interface logic layer

Version 4700 or later

  • CSJAdSDK.framework Business Implementation layer (merge the original BUCNAuxiliary. framework into CSJAdSDK.framework) 
  • BURelyFoundation.framework base rely on layer(merge the original BUFoundation.framework into BURelyFoundation.framework)

Versions before 4700

  • CSJAdSDK.bundle  resource bundle

Upgrade SDK must update framework and bundle files at the same time, otherwise some pages may not be displayed. BUCNAuxiliary.framework and BUFoundation.framework should be deleted manually for older versions (version 4700 or later).

When dragging in, please select as follows:


After dragging in, please make sure there is BUAdSDK.bundle in Copy Bundle Resources, otherwise the icon image may not be loaded.


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