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Installation/iOS/Self-rendering interstitial
Self-rendering interstitial
Last updated 2022-01-20 10:43:47

Origin Rendering interstitial


Self-rendering interstitial: The use scene is the natural experience when the application function is interrupted, such as pausing video playback, between game levels. Interstitial ads should not appear suddenly, and should not interfere with the normal process of users using the app, such as app loading, exiting the app, or during the game.

Supported ad sizes:

  • Large picture (Picture with aspect ratio: 1.78)
  • Small image (Picture with aspect ratio: 1.52)
  • Group pictures (three pictures with aspect ratio: 1.52)


Self-rendering interstitial: Reclaimed and no longer available for creation

Instructions for use

Self-rendering interstitial ads use the BUNativeAd object to call loadAdData to request the ad, and set the BUNativeAdDelegate agent to get the ad-related materials and click callbacks.

Create an ad slot object and request an ad


When requesting an ad, you need to pass in the ad slot object. When creating the ad slot object, you must pass in the ad slot ID and the basic ad configuration BUAdSlot, BUSize

Required parameters:

Field name

Field definition

Field type





Basic configuration




Request the size of the ad image


Code bit


Code bit ID

Use BUAdSlot, BUSize to create basic advertising information, use BUNativeAd to call loadAdData to request ads


Receive ads loading results


Callback Method


nativeAd: didFailWithError:

The returned error code (error) indicates the reason why the ad failed to load. Please refer to the link for details of all error codes. Link


Ad loading success callback It is recommended to insert data in this callback method

####BUNativeAdDelegate callback description

Callback Method



Callback for successful loading of advertising materials

nativeAd: didFailWithError:

The returned error code (error) indicates the reason why the ad failed to load. Please refer to the link for details of all error codes. Link


Ad display callback

nativeAdDidCloseOtherController: interactionType:

This callback is called when the ad jumps to another controller and the controller is closed. InteractionType: This parameter can be distinguished from the opened appstore/webpage/video ad details page


Click callback method

nativeAd: dislikeWithReason:

dislike button click callback, you need to process the response data in this callback method

By setting BUNativeAdDelegate agent, get callbacks such as advertisement closing. For other proxy methods, please refer to the BUDNativeInterstitialViewController class in Demo

Self-rendering Interstitial Video Ads Get Data Assignment Timing



  1. After obtaining the relevant advertisement information assignment in the material loading success method, you need to call registerContainer:withClickableViews:clickableViews to register the bound clickable View** and refresh the data source refreshData**:.
  2. After each material information is obtained need to refresh to call refreshData: method

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