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Installation/Android/Template Banner Ads
Template Banner Ads
Last updated 2022-01-19 21:51:03

Template Banner Ads


Template rendering Banner: Developers do not need to edit and render the ad style by themselves, but can directly call the relevant interface for ad display.

Note: Developers are not supported to add buttons to the view and block ads


**Template rendering Banner ads: ** Provided by default

Template rendering banner ads

Create TTAdNative object

Create ad request AdSlot


  1. The template advertisement request method requires the developer to set the setExpressViewAcceptedSize parameter in dp.
  2. In the parameter setting of the desired personalized template size, the personalized template Banner ad height cannot be set to 0
  3. For the setExpressViewAcceptedSize parameter, please make a request according to the proportion checked by the platform. The platform now supports 8 sizes. If the requested ratio is inconsistent with the size selected when the platform creates the code bit ID, a badcase of the display effect will appear. Therefore, the request ratio should be consistent with the platform ticked

Parameter description




The code ID created by the platform starts with 9 and 9 digits


The number of requests is 1-3. It is recommended to set to 1


Set the size of the request template creative unit: dp

Request ad

loadBannerExpressAd(AdSlot adSlot, @NonNull NativeExpressAdListener listener)Load ads asynchronously

Note:-When creating the code bit, you need to choose whether to support carousel

  • If you choose carousel, you need to call TTNativeExpressAd.setSlideIntervalTime(30 * 1000); in the onNativeExpressAdLoad callback to set the carousel timeSet the interval of banner advertisement rotation. If not set, the rotation will not be turned on by default. Banner advertisement rotation interval, the allowable value is between 30 * 1000 ~ 120 *1000

NativeExpressAdListener description




Advertisement request failed callback The returned error code (code) indicates the reason for the failure of the advertisement request.,详情请见链接


Callback for successful ad request, the client can call render() in this callback for ad rendering

Ad click event listener

ExpressAdInteractionListener Description




Ad close callback


Callback when the ad is clicked


Ad show callback


Ad rendering failed callback


The personalized template is rendered successfully, and the client can add the advertisement directly to the control in the callback

Note: Before addView, you need to call the removeAllViews method to remove all the views on the control

Dislike monitoring

The dislike logic helps us to improve the advertising experience and match, please follow the access instructions to setThe following logic is the logic in the CSJ version 3500 SDK. SDK developers below 3500 version can refer to the corresponding demo for integration

DislikeInteractionCallback Description




Callback when the user clicks on filterWord in the case of a custom style


In the case of custom styles, the user clicked "Why see this ad"


The default dislike style, click filterWord to call back. The developer can remove the ad in this callback


Default dislike style, click to cancel callback


Default dislike style, dislike pop-up window shows back


The default dislike style, the user repeatedly clicks the dislike button to call back. Version 3600 is abolished

Destroy the ad object

Reference Demo

For template rendering of Banner ads, please refer to the BannerExpressActivity example in Demo

Note on template rendering Banner:

  1. Banner advertisements have their own unique usage scenarios. Banner advertisements are small bar advertisements displayed at the bottom or top of the content. It is not currently supported for use in the list.
  2. Created on the platform, for example: a code bit with a ratio of 600*300 represents that the aspect ratio of the standard template is 2:1. Developers need to advertise at a 2:1 ratio according to the actual width and height when requesting the size of the advertisement. Request.
  3. The code ID that has been created on the platform does not support modifying the size, so the developer is required to create it according to actual needs.
  4. The template banner does not support the removal of dislike, and the logic of dislike helps to improve the advertising experience and matching degree

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