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Payment/Payment FAQs
Payment FAQs
Last updated 2022-02-14 15:49:31

一、What does payment status refer to?

CSJ has three payment statuses:

- Pending: The CSJ finance team has not yet validated your signed invoice.

- Payment Processing: CSJ has validated your signed invoice and is processing your payment.

- Paid: Payment has been issued.

二、What does invoice status refer to?

CSJ has three invoice statuses:

- Sign: After your monthly statement is generated, your invoice status is set to Sign. You can click on Sign to have the platform send an invoice to your specified email address.

- Signing: After you receive the invoice email, the status will change to Signing. Now, you can sign the invoice email to receive your payment.

- Complete: After you sign the invoice in the email, your invoice status is updated to Complete. CSJ's team will review your signed invoice as quickly as possible. If there are no problems, CSJ will issue the payment.

三、Why is my settlement statement not available yet?

If your statement is not available upon the agreed-on date, please first check if you have already received the e-mail notification of delayed statement.

You can also contact us through union_service@bytedance.com or reach out to your dedicated Account Manager.

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