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Personal Information and Data Protect Commitment

To: Chuanshanjia platform (or "your company")

To achieve the purpose of cooperation as agreed in the agreement signed between you and us, we will provide you with personal information and data related to [advertising cooperation] ("this cooperation"), and we hereby make the following commitments to you regarding the acquisition, sharing, processing, and protection of relevant personal information and data. This letter of commitment is effective from the date we checked and agreed to it, and will not be terminated or canceled due to the invalidation, suspension, termination, or dissolution of the agreement signed between you and us, and this cooperation.

I. Compliance Commitment

We undertake to comply with:

1. All laws, administrative regulations, national standards, and other applicable codes of conduct that apply to personal information and data protection;

2. Personal information and data protection policies, statements or notices that you provide to us in written form;

3. If requested by you, we undertake to enter into any further personal information and data protection agreements, including any applicable data transfer agreements, or take any other steps you may require to meet compliance requirements.

II. Our Commitment and Guarantee

1. The content and purpose of this cooperation, the performance of the master agreement by both parties, and the collection, use, processing, sharing, and transfer of relevant personal information by us will not violate laws, administrative regulations, relevant national standards, and the purpose agreed by both parties, and will not harm the interests of you, your affiliates, and the relevant personal information subjects; nor will the preceding content exceed the scope that the relevant personal information subjects have authorized and agreed with us and any other relevant parties for the collection, use, processing, sharing, and transfer of their personal information in relation to the content of this cooperation; we guarantee that the source of relevant personal information complies with the laws, regulations, and relevant national standards.

2. We undertake that the personal information and data provided to you will not be stored for longer than is necessary for us to obtain such information and data, or to provide services based on such information and data, and that the processing of such information and data required as a result of this cooperation will not exceed such period.

3. We promise not to steal or obtain personal information in other illegal ways, not to illegally sell or illegally provide personal information to others, and not to disclose, tamper with, or destroy the collected personal information.

4. We promise not to collect personal information that is not related to our business and this cooperation, and promise to store relevant personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations, and relevant national standards.

5. We will use and process any data and information related to the relevant personal information subjects (if any) known by you for the purpose of completing this cooperation in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws, administrative regulations, and national standards, and within the scope of the purpose of the main contract, and will protect such information by means of de-identification processing. We undertake not to use such information to identify the relevant personal information subjects beyond the scope of the legal contract and to use and process it in a way that may have any adverse effect on you and your affiliates;

6. We undertake to keep confidential any information and data (if any) about business, products, personnel, and data of you and your affiliates that we learn about in the course of this cooperation, and to take all reasonable measures that are not less strict than those we have taken with respect to our similar confidential information to perform our duty of confidentiality and to prevent theft, disclosure, and unauthorized use of such information.

III. Liability for Breach of Contract and Other Items

We undertake that if we violate this letter of commitment, regardless of intention or negligence, we shall immediately stop the infringement and take all necessary measures in the first instance to prevent dissemination or further infringement of the relevant user personal information and data and eliminate the negative impact as far as possible.

We undertake that if we violate this letter of commitment, you have the right to immediately terminate the master agreement and terminate this cooperation, and we shall compensate all the losses suffered by the aforementioned subjects if we cause losses to users, you, or your affiliates as a result of our violation of this letter of commitment.

We undertake that we shall be responsible for responding to any claims, lawsuits, and arbitration against you or your affiliates arising from our breach of this letter of commitment, and defending you and your affiliates, or cooperating in the defense at the request of you or your affiliates, so as to ensure that the interests of you and your affiliates are not harmed.

[Applicable when documents such as non-disclosure agreements are also signed] If the personal information or data in this letter of commitment is also "confidential information" as defined in any other agreement between us and you, or an equivalent term or expression, and if our breach of this letter of commitment will also result in our liability for breach of the above-mentioned other agreements, we agree that the liability for breach of this letter of agreement may apply in parallel with the liability for breach of the above-mentioned other agreements.

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