Open And Rich Commercialization Resources

Open commercialization resources of businesses are available to help all kinds of apps grow

Commercial Resources

Covering 117 industry budgets and Douyin e-commerce business resources

Technical Resources

Ocean Engine provides powerful algorithmic capabilities to ensure ad performance and increases revenue through efficient bidding

Data Resources

Combining advertising and monetization data for in-depth conversion attribution analysis

Service Resources

A powerful and easy-to-use platform that provides a large number of business courses to support your growth

Strong And Innovative Product Capabilities

Supports the business growth of the apps' entire life cycles and provides more exclusive resources

Monetization Products
Growth Products
Exclusive Resources

Basic Monetization

A leading ad monetization platform that helps developers improve user experience and increase revenue by providing powerful capacities that cover various scenarios.

Rich Ad Products

Easy SDK Integration

Strict Risk Control System

Basic Monetization

Monetization through Mediation

Maximized ad revenue with GroMore mediation and bidding

Efficient Bidding

Refined Waterfall Optimizations

Smart Recommendations & Diagnosis

Monetization through Mediation

Growth Analysis

By combining advertising and monetization data, Growth Advisor provides data solutions that cover the whole conversion path, including attribution services, data analysis, optimization strategies, etc.

Free Attribution Services

Omni-Channel Data Analysis

Real-time Monitoring & Estimation

Growth Analysis


Providing a global marketing solution that meet the demands of various industries

Global Marketing

Deep Funnel Conversion

Solutions For Various Industries


Content Resources

Content Alliance helps you improve monetization and retention by allowing you to combine content and ads using short videos, livestreams, news, and other content.

Global Premium Content

Multiple Scenarios

Precise Matching

Content Resources

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More content is coming

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Refined Professional Solutions

Addressing pain points of various industries with years of experience

Casual Games
Hardcore Games
Music and Video

Casual Games

The partnership between CSJ and Ohayoo provides a one-stop solution of game distribution and commercialization for developers to distribute, advertise, and monetize their games.

Gluttonous Snake

Gluttonous Snake

Multi-advertising combination strategy for a significant increase in revenue



Gluttonous Snake
Immortal World
Moji Weather
Mango TV
Casual Games

Comprehensive And Diverse Growth

Helping more apps grow efficiently with premium resources and services

Growth Center

Growth Center

All the business growth courses you need are here

Content News

Content News

The latest news, insights, and outlook of brands

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