CSJ Advantages

A complete toolkit for developer success

Optimized ecosystem

With a complete set of commercial resources, including over 32,000 first-rate applications globally and powerful anti-cheat technology, our mobile development ecosystem is built for success.

Greater returns

Market-leading data tools enable mobile developers to accelerate app growth and maximize monetization.

Stimulating innovation

Technology-driven innovations give developers smarter, more valuable, and more reliable tools and insights—inspiring creativity and driving the release of cutting-edge products.

Expert support

A powerful, easy-to-use, one-stop management platform and self-service learning center. A team of experts providing specialist support. We give you all the support you need to achieve your growth ambitions.

A wealth of innovative ad formats

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Interstitial Video Ads

Displayed full-screen for maximum impact

Immersive Video Feed Ads

Immersive experiences for highly effective conversions

Playable Ads

Try-before-download experience for high engagement

Rewarded Video Ads

User-driven engagement,everyone benefits

Splash Ads

Extraordinary ad placement for excellent brand exposure

Native Ads

Natural looking, consistent style

Interstitial Static Image Ads

Fit seamlessly into app flow for better user experience

Banner Ads

Attractive, agile ad format with carousel support

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Industry-specific monetization strategies

Social Networking
Music and Video


Pangle provide monetization solutions for hyper-casual, casual, and mid-core gaming, helping developers achieve the perfect balance of playability and profitability.


We focus on user retention, which is essential to the success of productivity apps. Our monetization solutions increase user stickiness and ad impressions.

Social Networking

Stratified monetization strategies are targeted to specific audiences, providing fully integrated ad experiences while offering exceptional value for users.

Music and Video

Customize ad monetization solutions for all kinds of media—long video, short video, aggregated video, music, and more.


Pangle continually optimizes solutions to meet the unique demands of different industries

Game Industry SolutionsUtility App Industry SolutionsSocial Media Industry SolutionsAudio & Video Industry SolutionsMore Industry Solutions

Growth loop solutions

Relentess innovation accelerates growth

Pangle empowers developers with closed-loop user growth and app monetization solutions—increasing app LTV, revealing new opportunities, and maximizing revenue.

Real-life Success Stories

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